Stephen Neil Gill
Artist Statement
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Artist Statement
From the time I could walk my parents would take me to the New York City museums, dad was a talented commercial logo artist, conceiving the original Coca Cola logo among many others. Mid Century Modern always captured my attention, and imagination. As a young boy I would sit for long periods of time mesmerized by the shapes, colors, and composition.
I pursue a fragmented, multi task effort working on several pieces simultaneously in two main arenas of concentration, mid century modern from the viewpoint of a contemporary outsider all mediums, and pop surreal photography.
The mid century style stems form iconic influences Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, Adolf Gottlieb, Juan Miro, and numerous others, then branches out to take form from the viewpoint of a contemporary outsider, raw brut, primitive in nature. The primitive aspect is derived from my collective unconcious past life as a Paleolithic Shaman Hipster, 30,000 BCE, one of the first recorded artists to paint images of animals deep within European caves.
Pop surreal photography mixes early Diane Arbus, and later Mark Ryden influences, along with many others, spilling out to be crafted in the form of original, digitally distorted, bobble head dolls, each having their own look and personality. Intensionally, I never write down or save the complex technical information. It would be a difficult task to exactly duplicate a bobble head doll. Anyway, who in their right mind would want to try?

Awards / Shows

Kodak Award
Kodak Gallery NYC
Katonah Gallery New York
Arts and Flowers Gallery NYC
Mussavi Gallery NYC
Outpost Contemporary LA CA
LA Contemporary LA CA
Act Gallery Ft. Myers FL
Robert Rauchenburg Ft.Myers FL